Beer Gardens NYC, The App is coming soon to the Apple iStore

Getting the Party Started

Beer Gardens NYC iPhone App Launches for Oktoberfest

Beer Gardens NYC features 50 New York City beer gardens listed by borough, neighborhood, beers, and price range. Entries include a description of the scene, photos, and videos for a true virtual visit. The app also features a directory of 900+ beers, searchable by venue and brand. Because beer gardens are almost always attached to regular bars, the beer list will extend the app's utility into the cold weather months.

Beer Gardens NYC is the brainchild of Queens' web technology firm owner, Raj Moorjani and novelist and travel writer, Hope Tarr.  Aptly, the concept for the app came about while the pair was kicking back in a Brooklyn beer garden.

Moorjani recalls, "I was sitting at GOODS having a cold one with my girlfriend when it hit us. Why not develop an app for city beer gardens? Sure, most people know about The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria but what about the lesser known neighborhood beer gardens like GOODS, which had just opened that summer?"

A check of the App Store confirmed their Eureka moment remained unclaimed. While there were several apps for beer lovers, there were none that focused on beer gardens, not in the U.S. Still, they got busy, spending five consecutive weekends visiting each of the fifty beer gardens listed.

The venues mirror the city's rich multicultural heritage. In addition to German, Polish, and Czech beer gardens, there are Vietnamese, Irish, and British beer gardens, too. The diversity doesn't end with ethnic identification, either. There are big "out there" beer gardens such as Astoria's Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden and tucked away "secret" beer gardens like the Lower East Side's BIA.

What's next for the suds-loving duo? "We're already talking about franchising to other cities," says Tarr.

"I'm proud to be a native New Yorker and to highlight all the amenities this city has to offer, including some really great beer gardens," adds Moorjani.

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